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Major ASP.NET hosting provider infected by ransomware

Image: ZDNet SmarterASP.NET, an ASP.NET hosting provider with more than 440,000 customers, was hit yesterday by ransomware. The company is the third major web hosting firm this year that went down because hackers breached their network and encrypted data on customer servers. At the time of writing, SmarterASP.NET said it’s ...

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Microsoft warns users to stay alert for more BlueKeep attacks

Reverse engineering of BlueKeep patch reveals how dangerous it is Researchers develop a proof-of-concept attack after reverse engineering the Microsoft BlueKeep patch. Microsoft’s security team believes that more destructive BlueKeep attacks are on the horizon and urges users and companies alike to apply patches if they’ve been lagging. The company’s ...

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GDPR is missing the point, says Edward Snowden

Five years after Snowden revelations, what’s changed? Where lawmakers failed to reform, the tech industry stepped up. Europe’s data protection legislation is still missing the point and will remain a ‘paper tiger’ until internet giants are hit with big fines, according to NSA-contractor turned whistleblower and privacy campaigner Edward Snowden. ...

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